MTBoSBlaugust Post 1: The one with the nerves

I can’t sleep.

It’s nearly midnight and will be probably long after by the time I finish writing this. The twitters have gone to sleep for the evening so it’s just me, NCIS LA re-runs, and my nerves.

I spent much of the weekend trying to organize all the crap that lived in my old classroom, much of which will find a new home in a new classroom starting tomorrow. I wanted to fill trash can after trash can of stuff that I just don’t need. Unfortunately, this did not happen (I mean, who doesn’t need two shoeboxes full of post-its and paper clips?). I was able to empty a bunch of binders of their papers, so there’s that (oh look – this girl just graduated from high school – probably don’t need her 8th grade test anymore). I’m totally a hoarder when it comes to school supplies- it’s all good. I lost count of the number of unopened packs of flair pens I came across.

I think my desire to just throw stuff away was to try to get rid of some baggage and not have it come into my new room. Alas… It took 4 1/2 SUV car loads to bring everything from my old classroom to my garage. My car is packed with the first load to bring to the new classroom tomorrow. I am trying to not acknowledge how overwhelmed I am, but I am.

At my old school we did not have to remove things from the walls over the summer. This means that basically all I had to do to close up for summer was lock the cabinets, throw some plastic tablecloths over the bookshelves, and call it a summer. I did switch things out when needed, of course. But, this also means that I haven’t had to organize or decorate a room in 6 years and the thought of it is freaking me out. Don’t get me wrong – I like decorating and finding a place for everything. My perfectionist nature, however, makes it very daunting.

Before TMC I was able to see my classroom. I knew the school had had a “make-over” just a few years ago. I was thrilled to see I have tables and lots of storage. However, there was also a summer school class in the room at the time, so my view was quick. I know that my classroom becomes as much of a home to me as my actual home, so I just want to be sure i get it right.

At TMC we had a flex session about starting over in a new school. I didn’t really contribute to the conversation, because I don’t normally speak up in group discussions. The questions I have seemed silly compared to the serious ones being raised. For now, in the hopes that getting them out of my mind and on to “paper” will allow me to go to sleep, here are the questions weighing on me (ridiculous as they are) before I start moving in tomorrow:

  • Can I put decorations in the window?
  • What should I use to hang decorations on the walls?
  • Am I allowed to hang stuff on the cabinets?
  • Is there a laminator available?
  • What sort of supplies will the students be bringing?
  • Are there any class supplies they will bring?
  • What if I need supplies?
  • Will the school give me a boatload of black Expo markers?
  • Am I allowed to ask the parents for donations of black Expo markers?
  • Where’s the bathroom for teachers?
  • Will I have a teacher bestie at school?
  • What are the other math teacher’s expectations about me?
  • Will the other math teacher want to collaborate with me?
  • Will people come say hi when they see me in my room?
  • Will there even be anyone else there to meet tomorrow?
  • Will the kids like me?
  • Will the parents like me?
  • Will I know any of the families? (I’m assuming the answer to this one is yes, since this school was a feeder to my high school)

I don’t intend to get much done, really. I need to turn in paperwork, get my key, and some other things like that. My very good friend who has worked, subbed, etc. at the school for years has offered to come help me. Hopefully on Tuesday she will do that and she will help a lot with my nerves since she knows the ropes!

I’ll try to remember to take some “before” pics of the room.

I’m still not sure I’m going to fall asleep anytime soon….ugh.


One thought on “MTBoSBlaugust Post 1: The one with the nerves

  1. #soulsisters these are the same burning questions I have. “Will I have a teacher bestie at school?” since all of my girls have left. SO we will be teacher besties in different time zones. I decided. 🙂

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