MTBoSBlaugust Post 3: The one with my old classroom

I loved my old classroom. Like, really, really loved it. I always meant to do a blog post about it, but never got around to it. Shocked? Anyway, I want to post the pictures. I guess it’s kind of a memorial. I hope I will love my new classroom just as much!

(Btw – it’s taken me about an hour just to get these photos in the post. Don’t mind the terrible order, mmm kay?)

DSCN0313 DSCN0304

I hoped my cute signs in the window would inspire kids walking through the hall!

Front of the room with lots of poster love. You may see some familiars!

DSCN0305 DSCN0307

Better view of the front. Thanks everyone I’ve stolen from.

My bulletin board with my TMC wordle to inspire me every day. (who wants to make me one for this year??). This was taken in Sept – it didn’t stay that empty!

DSCN0310 DSCN0303

I had to make my own Desmos magnet out of a sticker… Just saying, guys…

I’ve always been famous for my classroom library. All the books… (and this was probably less than a quarter of my whole collection).

DSCN0302 DSCN0301

View from the window and view from the door.

DSCN0300 DSCN0299

Regarding the tree… just don’t ask.

Copy of DSCN0295Copy of DSCN0296Copy of DSCN0297DSCN0298

Loved my Mindset board… thanks Sarah πŸ™‚

And now… a blank canvas….



Wish me luck…

3 thoughts on “MTBoSBlaugust Post 3: The one with my old classroom

  1. I’m starting out with a blank canvas myself! You have far more storage than myself, so I’m a bit jealous. πŸ˜‰ Good luck, and I love what you did with your old room.

    • Aw thanks – if you poke around Sarah’s blog at and Meg’s at you will find LOADS of printable. That’s where many of mine came from. Oh – also search on pinterest or for the blog “technology rocks… seriously.” You’re just starting out, right? I hope you have an amazing year πŸ™‚

      • Thank you so much for the website tips! I’ve spent a whole evening pouring over Sarah’s blog, but I hadn’t stumbled upon Meg’s yet. Yep, this is my first full year teaching! I’ve been teaching summer school right now but it is through the big inner city district and I’ll be teaching in a more rural area. The room I’m in for summer school is a hot mess–it’s so warm outside that the glue in the ceiling tiles are are melting, and the tiles are falling down during class. Needless to say, I’m excited to be in my non-hazardous, shiny new classroom in a couple of weeks.

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