MTBoSBlaugust Post 7: The one with all the excuses

I didn’t ever want to start a blog….

First days of school…..

New school…..

Julie wasn’t forcing me…..

Hedge wasn’t forcing me….

Nobody was making me…..

I was tired…..

I was coming down with a cold…..

It was Back to School Night….

It was my birthday/week/month :-P….

I had nothing to say…..

I thought of something during the day, but then I forgot…..

No one cares what I have to say because anything I have that’s good was already blogged about by someone else….

The Bachelor in Paradise was on…. (that one’s for you Kathy, Connie, Heather!)

These are a handful (or two) of excuses of why I failed the MTBoSBlaugust challenge. It’s the 31st. I am on post 7. Oops. But, as Shelli pointed out to me earlier in the month, if it’s getting me to write more than I was, then it’s a success. So here’s the thing. Since the night before I left for TMC 14 in OK, I had written 9 posts. In the past 31 days, I have written 7. So I guess, #missionaccomplished.

I don’t know that I will really ever think of myself as a blogger. I’m not sure that I will really ever want to share lesson-y things. But, I have enjoyed dipping my toes in the water. I have found that I do enjoy the process. Perhaps I do have a voice that other people don’t mind hearing from. We’ll see where we go from here…


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