MTBoSBlaugust Post 8: The one with the MTBoS gushing and lots of tweets

It’s true. Last week I saw something out there in blogland. I found it after a conversation between Kristin and Andrew and others about numbers on a clothesline. I couldn’t find/remember/re-locate the post. It made me insane.

I mean… seriously.

But then today when I went on my school computer to the list of amazeballs links of the MTBoS, it clicked (pun sort of intended). I knew exactly how I stumbled upon that post.

I searched.

I found.

It was glorious.

(For the record – there’s nothing about a clothesline in the post. BUT – there could be.)
And then the afternoon rolled around. I had the first meeting of my mathletes elective. It’s a group of 14 5-7th graders who I get to have for an extra 2 periods per week. One of the things we will do is prep for MathCounts and our district competition. It’s a perfect time for math games, puzzles, and fun things that maybe don’t fit the standards. I love that I have it and that I have enthusiastic kiddos who want to take part.

Last night I found an exploration that I was going to do. After thinking a little more, I decided I wanted to do brainteaser-y things instead. They came in. I taught them to play set using the set online game. Then we played the train game, following Sarah’s post. It was rad.

I could not be more thankful to my math family for your direct and indirect influences on my life ❤


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