I <3 Fractions #MTBOS30 (3)

fraction fun.jpg

No, really. I seriously LOVE fractions.

Want to know why? Read these 2 posts:

Fraction Division via Rectangles


I’d been teaching for a long time before I came across these methods. Finally, it all made sense! We have spent the past 2 days exploring fraction division. It’s seriously my favorite thing. I love that the class came up with so many awesome strategies. One of the boys wanted to share multiplying by the reciprocal. I cut him off (“spoiler alert,” I said) and told him he could share it after we knew what the heck we were doing. He just gave me an adorable smile and said ok. Today after all the sense making, it was him that took a few extra minutes to make the connection between all the different methods (some of which he contributed), to the standard multiply by the reciprocal. I mean, he ended up figuring it out on his own, but watching the process was awesome.

I have 5th grade before lunch. I had a ton of 7th graders coming in to finish a test at lunch. I ran to grab my lunch and toast something and I could not stop smiling about the conversation we had. The 1st-3rd and resource teachers were eating when I walked in. I giddily announced how much fun fraction division is and how much I just loved fractions (and pointed out – no sarcasm at all!). They looked at me like I was crazy. I was legit gushing.

The 2nd grade teacher said it was so nice to have someone who was so excited about teaching math. I asked what it would take to make them as excited as me. The 3rd grade teacher said that would never happen. Ok, it probably won’t because I get *THAT* excited and if someone was more excited, that’d be weird. But still…. The 1st grade teacher said she loved teaching math. The resource teacher said she’d love to learn new things to bring some excitement. I asked if they’d ever heard of number talks. They haven’t.

I’m not a coach. I just love what I do and I want to share that. I need to come up with some ideas of how to light the fire for them and with them. I think a good start would be to ask my principal if I can start staff meetings with a short number talk. Adults are scary, though, so I’m not sure. I’m also not sure if the other teachers would be annoyed at my making them do it. Any advice you have about this and any other ideas to up the excitement level would be so appreciated!



One thought on “I <3 Fractions #MTBOS30 (3)

  1. The best way to get them excited is to get them in there! If you have teachers willing to come into your class to learn with your students you should invite them as often as possible. This semester our reading interventionist has come in a couple of times and it has been great. The students love teaching a teacher and she really helps motivate them (sometimes you just need a little push from a new voice…). It’s also good because she’ll ask questions that the students have but are unwilling to ask out loud.

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