Fan Club #MTBoS30 (5)

This post might as well be named “How my 5th graders feed my inner narcissist on a daily basis.”

My 5th graders are hilarious. More on them another day. Today they decided to make an “official” test to join the Ms. McCormick Fan Club. I told them about how I was unable to join the pierced ears club in 3rd grade and I am still slightly traumatized. I would not want my lovely students to suffer the same fate. They promised a study guide to anyone who requested one.

Here is the “test.” (Updated 6/1 with the MC answers)

  • What are Ms. McCormick’s favorite colors?
    • a. blue and black
    • b. pink and glitter
    • c. white and gold
    • d. yellow, pink, and glitter
  • What is Ms. McCormick’s favorite math company? (this one caused quite a stir, I’ll have you know…)
    • a. desmos
    • b. mathalicious
    • c. with math i can
    • d. envision
  • What is Ms. McCormick’s favorite subject? Explain how you know.
  • What does Ms. McCormick wear every day? (controversial… correct answer is really secret answer e. dress and cardigan)
    • a. cardigan and a skirt
    • b. cardigan and a pair of shorts
    • c. a dress
    • d. a wig
  • What does Ms. McCormick eat for lunch every day?
    • a. bread and lettuce
    • b. pizza
    • c. bread and condiments
    • d. jello
  • What is Ms. McCormick’s goal in life?
    • a. be a contestant on Chopped
    • b. be a cartoonist
    • c. work at Jamba Juice
    • d. be a barista
    • e. be a contestant on Dancing with the Stars

They used my tale of the 3rd grade club exclusion for extra credit –

What grade was Ms. McCormick excluded from the pierced ears club? What word did she use to describe it?

  • a. 3rd and gross
  • b. 5th and traumatizing
  • c. 2nd and yucky
  • d. 8th and amazing
  • e. 3rd and traumatizing
  • f. 4th and kind


Care to join the club? What do you think? 😛


One thought on “Fan Club #MTBoS30 (5)

  1. Debbie H says:

    Hmmmm… Lets see…. Glitter, Mathalicious (EnVision? Really?).and math because she simply can’t hide her passion (even if she tried 😉) Now I’m guessing – a sweater and the awesome salad bar at her school?

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