A is for…{MTBoSBlaugust}

Readers of this here little blog will remember the impact that my alphabet book had on me at TMC. In the time leading up to the beginning of the Blaugust challenge, Pam made a comment about how I should write a weekly alphabet themed post. Well, I misremembered what I read and I had in my head that I should take on Blaugust in alphabet form. I mean… why the heck not. So, Pam… even though it’s not exactly what you actually said, challenge accepted (or should I say, “a is for accepted, challenge!”).

A is for… hmm….

Awesome? Lots of things could fall under the heading of awesome

Angst and Anxiety? These are things I’ve been feeling a lot this summer for a variety of reasons – some that have to do with school, and some that don’t. But who wants to read about that?

Amazing? Could be my ode to the Bachelorette since not an episode goes by without overuse of that word.

Anticipation? Could write about the lead up to the first day of school

Austin? An ode to my favorite math company’s home town?

Awareness? This is something I want to work on this year…

Adventure? that would be a good word for tomorrow, as I’ll be on yet another adventure with my buddy and partner in crime as we head to meet other fab math teachers in the Bay Area

I settled on the simple A is for August because I’m nearly out of time, and maybe I should actually talk about this challenge I referenced above. So even though “Blaugust” starts with B, not A, it is a challenge for blogging throughout August. If you want details about the challenge or to sign up yourself, go here. I tried doing this challenge last year – the intent is to blog every day of the month (ahem, ya right). Last year I think I had 12 posts, but people told me that was a success because it was way more than I had ever blogged in a month. You may notice that I’m already intending to cheat, since by taking an alphabet focus I really only have to commit to 26 days, not 31. Genius, right? I hope to spend time this month being supportive of the community, as well, by commenting on blogs and reading ones that are new to me. Of course part of the challenge is that August is a super crazy month – back to school and birthday month!

So cheers to August. May your month ahead be filled with Adventures with family and friends, Appreciation by your new students, Applause of new visitors to your blog, and Amigos with whom to share your days.


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