C is for…{MTBoSBlaugust}

C is for…

Crush? Nope – nobody needs to read that post.

Curiosity? Although I’ve enjoyed embracing curiosity as a guidepost for myself, I’m not sure that’s the post for now

Well, I’ve enjoyed reading other people write their lists of 20 things about themselves. So for today, C is for CASEY! 🙂

  1. My favorite place in the world is Santorini, Greece. It was always my dream to go there, so after losing both my maternal grandparents within 10 months of each other, and my mom having a major emergency medical crisis (that all turned out ok, thankfully), my mom and I went on a cruise for my 30th birthday. We’ve gone another time since then. It’s remarkable there and I want to go back and be able to enjoy the magical sunsets it’s known for (we were on cruises both times, so missed that).
  2. I am planning a trip to Bora Bora for my 40th birthday. You’re all invited.
  3. I grew up in CA and have lived in the same general area my whole life, minus 8 years living in Boston. Because of my sports allegiances people assume I am from the east coast, but nope.
  4. I was always much more into reading and my brother was always much more into math. I was never going to leave CA for school and my brother was supposed to go to a big name east coast school. So I was the math and elementary ed major at Boston College and he was the American Lit major at UCLA. Totally makes sense.
  5. I once read 100 books in a year just to see if I could.
  6. I became a vegetarian in 7th grade because I was procrastinating while writing my report on Babylonia and read the next page in the encyclopedia – bacon.
  7. I have only ever attended and worked in Catholic schools. I spent one semester doing my clinical for my Master’s degree and 2 semesters of undergrad 1 day a week student teaching in public schools, but that’s it. I consider it, but don’t have math certification so am afraid I wouldn’t be able to teach only math if I switched.
  8. I never planned on becoming a math teacher. I was planning to teach upper elementary school, and my Master’s is in Literacy. When I applied for my last job there was a 5th grade position and a MS math position. I had previously taught 5th, so I thought it was a good omen that those were the 2 things I figured I could do well.
  9. I feel like a fraud in Math-land because I’ve never taken Calculus and I don’t really know what it is!
  10. I love musical theater. The first show I ever saw was Les Mis when I was a freshman in HS. I left the theater having no idea what the show was about. I’ve seen it bunches of times since and it’s my all time favorite. During my 8 years in Boston, my mom and I went to NY at least once a year to see multiple shows.
  11. I have a very deep rooted fear of fire that can be traced back to the show “Webster,” when he was playing with his chemistry set in his closet and burned down his apartment.
  12. My favorite movies are Ocean’s 11, You’ve Got Mail, Center Stage, and 10 Things I Hate About You. I can pretty much recite each of them. On a flight home from Europe I watched Ocean’s 11 3 times in a row.
  13. My Kindergarten teacher named me the bag lady because I would bring bags of dolls to school every day to be sure everyone in my class had something to play with. I also would lead “lessons” at my brother’s baseball games. I guess it was natural that I’d become a teacher.I’m still the bag lady because purses and tote bags are by far my favorite thing to buy for myself!
  14. If I had to choose only one thing to eat it would probably be a grilled cheese w/ avocado, tomato, and honey mustard on sourdough bread with a side of tater tots. Or, you know, something that doesn’t make me sound like I’m 5.
  15. I always hoped to go back and become the Admissions Director at the high school I attended. Unfortunately my HS closed about 7 years ago. It makes me terribly sad because I loved my HS so much!
  16. I always want to go to the beach, but I don’t actually like sitting in the sand or going in the water. I just want to see the ocean as often as possible.
  17. I don’t like dogs because I used to have a recurring nightmare about them when I was little. We once had a cat that hated me and my brother. We had a bunny named Lucky. It died after 3 days. In HS my friends decided I finally needed to have a pet, so they gave me a fish named Mac (some, in HS, called me Casey Mac). Needless to say, pets aren’t my jam.
  18. I tried probably every sport as a kid, but none of them stuck. I was always a dancer and dreamed of growing up to perform on Broadway (LOL). I still miss tap dancing. My mom claims I was a great soccer player because I would distract the players on the other team by chatting with them and picking daisies.
  19. I think I’ve been to 29 states. I’ve driven cross country twice, so sometimes it’s hard to decide which ones to count. Same with driving up and down the East Coast. I’ve been to 19 countries in Europe. Italy is by far my favorite.
  20. The year that the Patriots SHOULD have been undefeated, I got to go to both the first game of the season (against the Jets in NJ) and the last game – the Super Bowl in AZ. When they lost it was basically the saddest thing ever. I cried walking out of the stadium.

4 thoughts on “C is for…{MTBoSBlaugust}

  1. 13! Yes! I LOVE that. My dad has called me and my mom the bag ladies for as long as I can remember…buying bags/totes is still a problem for me to this day. 😉

  2. druinok says:

    I’m glad I’m not the only one that struggles when counting the states!! So many fun facts in this post. Thank you for being you! 🙂

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